Eliane J. Saxena

Eliane J. Saxena

Eliane J. is an architect who is specialized in architectural design and marketing of investment properties
as well as prime real estate throughout Switzerland.
Her distinctive trademark is her honest, straightforward communication and her smile.


From 2001 to 2002 Eliane J. absolved an internship at a prestigious French landscape architect
firm in Paris, France. In 2008 she worked as a design architect, designing a luxury villa at an
award-winning Swiss architecture studio. She was appointed marketing director of the
latter luxury villa the same year at a company specialized in project development where
she became junior project manager in 2009 and designed a second luxury villa in
collaboration with a renowned Swiss architect. In 2010 she joined one of the most
notable and oldest Swiss family-owned real estate companies and acquired substantial
knowledge and valuable experience on the Swiss real estate market, working as a
consultant for investment properties. In spring 2013 she founded Eliane J. AG.


Eliane J. holds a Master of science in architecture from the Accademia
di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland where she concluded her studies under
Valerio Olgiati, Mario Botta and Aurelio Galfetti.
She is currently pursuing her studies at the Swiss Real Estate School,
SVIT to obtain her diploma in real estate fiduciary.


Eliane J. is fluent in German, English, Italian and French.